Smart Stream Technologies | Vehicle Live Streaming

Vehicle Live Streaming

Smart Stream Technologies offers next generation vehicle surveillance using revolutionary streaming technology. This technology empowers fleet owners to harness Cloud & Streaming technology for effective surveillance & security of vehicle & asset, providing HD quality video & audio, anywhere & everywhere.


School Bus

Pessanger Vehicle

Goods Vehicle


Bank Vehicle

Private Vehicle


   Live video & audio monitoring increases security, safety of vehicle & its occupants.

   Recorded video can be used for safety analysis during complaint, misuse & theft.

  Surveillance & monitoring helps prevent theft, damage & loss of goods.

  Ensures safety of passengers, students & their belongings.

   Live video access can be extended to parents, clients & relatives of passenger etc.

   Surveillance results in greater fleet management which increases safety & performance.


Streaming HD camera
with Internet,
microphone & accessories

Mobile Application,
Micro URL to
monitor the live video

Website with video
management software to
view multiple camera

Streaming Technology
single camera
unlimited view

Indoor and
weather proof
outdoor camera

Night vision,
wide viewing angle &
low power consumption

High resolution video & audio
with option to playback
& record on smart phone

Cloud storage for
archive and

Option to integrate with
GPS vehicle tracking system,
as an integrated solution