Smart Stream Technologies | Live Streaming of Events

Live Streaming of Events

Smart Stream Technologies offers the next-generation solution on Live Streaming of Events. Our Technology helps clients achieve Live HD video & audio access to the large audience spread across different geographical areas. An extremely simple & self-sustainable hardware with world-class cloud technology ensures plug & play live streaming anywhere & everywhere.

We provide customers the choice of hardware to connect the existing video camera or our own HD streaming Camera, all systems equipped with power backup, high-speed internet, and mounting tripod.


Conferences &
Corporate Events

Marriages &
Personal Functions


School &
College Functions

Religious Events

Road Shows

Seminar &

Exhibitions &


    Live streaming ensures audience can watch events anywhere in the world.

   Enhances the reputation of the client by providing global viewing access.

   Enhances the visibility of event & caters to mass audience.

   Recorded event can be play backed for memories & analysis.

   Simple, cost effective live streaming technology which is self sustainable.

  Plug & Play system equipped with HDMI input or HD Camera with 10 hours power backup, Internet


Live streaming kit with 10 hours
power backup & Internet with
HDMI input to connect
existing video camera

Dedicated Streaming HD camera
with tripod, 10 hours
power backup & Internet

Micro URL & Mobile Application,
Youtube Live to monitor
the live video

Streaming Technology
single camera
unlimited view

Night vision, wide
viewing angle & low
power consumption

High resolution
video & audio with option to
rewind & playback

Cloud storage
for archive
and playback

Plug & Play
technology, portable
and light weight

automated &